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Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) - Guide to Philadelphia (PHL) Airport

For such a large and important city, Philadelphia's public transit system is somewhat underdeveloped. There is a SEPTA rail line that serves many major destinations; the system is efficient and well run, but its coverage of the city leaves something to be desired.

Fortunately, most of the major sights and attractions in Philadelphia are situated fairly close together and walking or cycling within the city is feasible. Taxis are ubiquitous when you get footsore and are well-regulated and metered.

Philadelphia is served by two airports, Philadelphia Northeast Airport (PNE) and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). International passengers will most likely arrive at Philadelphia International Airport, which is located a 15-minute drive from Center City by car. SEPTA trains run from the airport to central Philadelphia every 30 minutes. Philadelphia International Airport is a large and modern airport with a full range of amenities for travelers to the city.

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